Friday, March 5, 2010

Patient Safety Awareness Week -- March 7 through the 13th

Commemorate this important week by taking steps to support patients, their families, and clinicians impacted by adverse events. Mark your calendar, and make a "To Do List":

Monday -- Check waiting areas, reception areas, information stations, and libraries to make sure that MITSS brochures are visible and available to patients and their families. If you don't have a supply, download a copy of the MITSS brochure here, or give us a call toll free at 1-888-366-4877 to place an order.

Tuesday -- Circulate the LEND Document to staff. This important tool provides valuable information for staff when addressing the emotional impact to patients and family members in the aftermath of an adverse event. Download here.

Supporting clinicians along with patients is essential to an overall culture of respect, compassion, and patient safety. Download a free copy of the report "Disclosure and Apology...What's Missing? Advancing Programs that Support Clinicians." See what's working in other organizations, where the barriers lie, and what the opportunities are for the future.

Wednesday -- Sit down with your staff and watch The MITSS Story together. Then, have a "Healthy Conversation" about the issues raised in the film. Don't have a copy? Give us a call, or order here.

Thursday -- Schedule a Speaking Engagement with MITSS Founder and Executive Director, Linda Kenney. Click here for more information, or pick up the phone and give us a call.

Friday -- Recognize and highlight important work that is aligned with the MITSS mission of Supporting Healing and Restoring Hope to patients, families, and clinicians who have been impacted by medical errors and adverse events. Nominate an individual(s), organization, or YOURSELF for the 2010 MITSS HOPE Award. This prestigious award will be formally announced at the beginning of next week, so stay tuned for nomination information, eligibility criteria, and more!!!

Above all, we need to foster, encourage, and support Patient Safety efforts all year round. Take the time this week, and every week, to honor and remember those who have been harmed by adverse events.

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